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We conduct safe flight operations:
Personal safety & protection of property is our first priority. We have a pre-flight planning inspection. While flying, a member of the ground crew always has visual contact with the aerial equipment. A thorough inspection of all equipment is conducted following each flight.
We coordinate and cooperate with the local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our drones operate below 400 feet (above ground) and always within line of sight. A 40 story building is about 400 feet high. If we operate within 3.5 miles of an airport we will notify the tower.
We respect privacy:
We will not conduct flight operations for one party to gather information about another party. We carefully plan each flight in advance to focus aerial photos or video on the subject of interest in order to maintain the privacy of others. All of our flights are conducted over property where we have the land owners permission.

Such application include but are not limited to:
- Construction Site
- Campus
- Apartment Complex
- Hurricane Sandy Damage Survey
- Real Estate / Land
- Crane Inspection
- Smoke Stack Inspection
- Power Line Aerial Inspection
- Pipe Lines
- Wind Farm / Wind Mill Aerial Inspection
- Roof top damage Inspection
- Solar Panel Inspection
- Refinery Flare Tip Inspection
- Bridge Aerial Inspection
- Search and rescue
- Insurance companies to inspect damage
- Any application requiring aerial video or still photography via remote drone


As hobbyists (Weather and Location Permitting) we shoot aerial photos and videos at no charge. We retains copyrights to all photos and videos.

All Prices includes:

  • Professional Editing, Titles, Color Correcting
  • Non-exclusive License for single user
  • File Video Conversion Formats (AVI, DVD, FLV, SWF, MPEG, WMV, MOV)
  • Burn to a DVD
  • Your Company or Personal Brand / Logo

Construction / Campus / Apartment Complex

High Definition Video

$150.00 - for up to 60 seconds of video  (note: video length includes titles, branding, etc.)

$    2.00 - for each additional seconds of video

  • Turn around time is 24 hours for most orders

Real Estate Aerial Photography

High Definition Video

$150.00 - for up to 60 seconds of video  (note: video length includes titles, branding, etc.)

$    2.00 - for each additional seconds of video

  • Turn around time is 24 hours for most orders
  • Branded Promotional Property Page
  • Unbranded Promotional Property Page for MLS(s)
  • High Definition Full Motion Property Video with:
  • Branded and MLS compliant Unbranded Versions

We will be happy to correct any errors that we make at no charge. Any additional editing, changes, etc. that you would like made after the fact are $100. If there are specific rooms you do or don’t want filmed or contact information you submit to us, please be sure everything is correct before the video is edited.

I have two drones, the Phantom 2 and the STORM Drone 6.
Both have their own GoPro Hero 3+ Silver camera mounted under them
and their own FPV System on board.

What does FPV mean? It means “First Person View”.
A video camera is mounted on the aircraft and broadcasts the live video to the person on the ground

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